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~Page One~

These are gifs that I have collected from all around the internet or that pals have sent to me. I have collected over 200 Christian images. on four pages, for you to use. To the best of my knowledge, these gifs and jpgs are of public domain. Some of these, I made myself. You can use as many as you like to make your webpages, but, you must transload or upload the images on these four pages to your own website.

2 Doves On A Pink Line

Angel In A Doorway

Angel Bubbles Line

Beautiful Angel

Bible With Star Highlighted In Red

Bible With Cross

Blue Bible

Three Crosses With Shadows

Red And White Church

Cross With Purple Flowers

Angel With Trumpet In Silver Frame

Little Angel In Jeweled Frame

Framed Guardian Angel

Country Angel Banner

Old Fashioned Country Church

Large Cross With Bible

Blue Floral Cross With Pink Rose

Animated Dark-Haired Angel With Pink Rose

Dove In Flight

Gold Cross With Orange Drape

Glass Egg

Framed Silver Cross

Jesus Loves Me-Framed

Gold Gates To Heaven

Gold Bar With White Dove

Animated Gold Cross

Gold Cross Line

Another Gold Cross Line

Gold Cross With Purple Halo

Gold Star

Framed Greater Love Verse

Jesus Is Alive Banner

Jesus And A Child

Jesus Is The Way Banner

Jesus Lives Banner (With Cross)

Portrait of Jesus

Large Dove In Flight (Animated)

Left Side Angel

Right Side Angel

Light Of The World

Little Angel With Blinking Eyes

Little Praying Angel In Blue Frame

Oval Shaped Portrait Of Jesus

Two Precious Moments Angels On Clouds

Elegant Purple Cross

Raised Picture of Jesus In Heaven

Spinning Cross With Halo (Animated)

Small Animated Picture With "The Son Is Risen"

Large White Cross With Gold Halo

Small White Spinning Cross (Animated)

Oval Pic of Angel With Lamb

Animated World Globe With Cross

Animated Man and God Split By Sin

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